What is yoga?

Yoga coming from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning Union ie Union of mind body and soul, union of the self with the ultimate divine. A practice. A belief. A ritual... For many yoga lovers its connotations are different and addiction is of different kind. A must for one and all.

Why yoga over any other form of exercise or regime?

Yoga is the only science which goes to the root of the problem finding the root internally and showing the results externally. No other form of exercise gives you a holistic healing with mental well being, balance of the mind and body, and of course inch loss and weight loss !!



A place for all the crazy supa fitness enthusiasts, a place for dance and music lovers, a place for those seeking peace of mind and body! And of course mediation!

Wholistic fitness has it all, from power packed yoga pilates / power yoga vinayasa flows/ bootcamp training in studio and outdoor sessions to tabata 16 mins killer routine. We practice transformational yoga a routine with deep stretches and intense breathing and mediation to cleanse the inner blocks, physical emotional mental and psychological blocks, a mandate once a week to help us bring balance and harmony in our mind body and psychological self.


A post graduate in English, with mass communication in journalism..clear goals of moving into the world of mass media and journalism ..found my way into print and electronic media with may be good money no job satisfaction and no sense of peace!

I quit my conventional job to follow my calling which was to teach yoga as I was a yoga addict in the real sense..Had been a yoga student for close than four years and loved that one hour to myself. A thought came if one hour could be so self satisfying how about doing it the whole day everyday and hence there was no looking back and so my journey started to make people happy and healthy .




    "I never use to like yoga at all use to feel it's for people who are generally old but this was a myth and by joining anubha ramans classes I've started loving it more importantly yoga is of utmost importance for flexibility and anubha too comes up with special classes everyday and makes it more interesting and is also very motivating so I'll plan to continue with anubhas wholistic yoga and recommend others too really enjoyable full 5/5"

    - Shrijit Marwah


    "I joined Anubha wholistic Yoga around 6 months ago! My track record with any sort of fitness classes are so bad since I get very easily bored of them and find excuses to not go. However, This has been the only exception and not just that, I really look forward to all my classes with Anubha. They're fun yet rigorous, and to top that, Anubha is a fantastic teacher who constantly motivates you and keeps you going. Highly recommended!"

    - Aastha Batra


    "I attended Anubha's pre natal classes as I was very sure I wanted yoga as a part of my pregnancy. When I started off with the classes, there was no stopping in between! Anubha's motivation keeps u going and she focuses on both physical and mental strength equally.
    I had been regular to her classes which made me keep my calm throughout and regular practice made my delivery go smooth with a quick labour. She makes you enjoy what you do while she actually makes you work hard!"

    - Swati Kain Balwaria


    "I am addicted to Anubha's yoga and she is the sole reason!!! Absolutely love her style and dedication towards everything she teaches. It has been 2 years since I have been following her and its almost impossible for me to leave it!!! Tried the gym, tried insanity, tried aerobics, tried almost everything in between.. but nothing beats her classes!!! Its a perfect mix of exercises and presented so perfectly that you would never want to miss a single session!! 1 hour of effective weight loss,stamina building, mind stability and to top it all.. Pure Fun!! What more to ask for? She is an amazing person and knows her Job extremely well !!! Love you Anubha !!!"

    - Saumya Sharma


    "Anubha really knows how to help you get out of your comfort zone (literally)! What's great is that she's really dedicated and thus makes each class really interesting and fun for her students. And while she's good at making us work hard, she's equally good at realigning our minds and bodies after a tough one! Kudos to her!!"

    - Madhavi Karunakaram Guha


    "Anubha is my absolute favorite. She has actually taken out the laziness from me and got me soo addicted to her classes that even if I miss one day I feel hopeless. She helped me lose 4 kgs in a month. Made me more flexible and it's helped a lot in my cervical. It's a refreshing feeling after her class. Thanks A! To help me get here, for tolerating my laziness n still being patient. God bless! "

    - Ratula Vig


    "Joined Anubha in the month of Jan, and I have been hooked ever since! My gym sessions have almost been replaced by yoga sessions. The best thing about her classes are that they are fun! You cannot get bored, and that's what keeps me going! Anubha makes sure to be different in each of her classes, for instance, 2 ab sessions would not be same neither will 2 legs session days. I look forward to each of her class. Comes very very recommended! Keep Going ! "

    - Richa Verma


    "Anubha is a great workout instructor – she has a thorough understanding of the body and of the principles and practice of yoga. She is energetic, cheerful, patient and helpful, and manages to put a positive spin on every day. I joined Anubha’s class three months ago, and have lost five kgs since then without changing my diet. But weight loss is just one of the benefits: I feel her classes have a strengthening and calming effect on me - both physically as well as mentally. Anubha customises each class with combinations of yoga, pilates, tabata and bootcamp techniques in such a way that each workout is unique, engaging, challenging and fun. I really like that she pays attention to detail – she knows which of her students has weak knees, a painful back, sore ankle or the inability to do high intensity cardio; she customises exercises for them and takes the time and effort to show them how to work on getting stronger. It has been a great journey with Anubha so far, and I’m looking forward to a long association with her. Thank you, Anubha!"

    - Shefali Sewak


    "I do not know much about "yoga" as such & honestly, never tried it all my life.... until I was literally pulled to #Raahgiri @ CP by one of my friends. I thought we'd have 'masti', look out for some eyes-massage(know what I mean, eh?), enjoy Zumba maybe and come back post a big fat chhole-bhature breakfast at "Bengali market". BUT, just walking by, I noticed crowd of all age groups trying their bit on "yoga". I stood by starting to wonder, hardly anyone could get it right, yet they didn't seem to be giving up on their preposterous postures of yoga aasanas. I was observing only a lady struggling to get it right when this girl's helping hand reached out to her. This hand was Anubha's. All my friends & I were in on the next opp'ty to grab our yoga mat and went through the entire session concluding on chanting "aa-oum". I realized I could do something with my body I had never done, although by postures only fractionally correct. Anubha, on our discussion post session, was too encouraging and had a real strong conviction for Yoga. Trust that many tried to get me to do Yoga but failed terribly.Perhaps, they had a lot of "gyaan" to put forth than the conviction. With a thank you to Anubha, I guess if "yoga" can happen to me, it can sure happen to you, given you have someone as positive, optimistic, faithful, brave and more as Anubha Raman to guide you. Cheers! "

    - Ankit Vij


    "Anubha's yoga classes are a drug, once you start it is impossible to kick the addiction. This comes from someone who until two years ago used to cringe when she heard the word exercise. Her workouts are very balanced targeting not only all parts of the body, but also help calm the mind and energise the soul. Over time I have not only lost weight and toned up, but my outlook to life has become more positive and all I think are happy thoughts. Anubha is an excellent trainer who motivates and pushes you to give your best and makes u feel good for each accomplishment. Wholistic yoga is now a way of life for me and is something I would never want to let go of. "

    - Ayesha Kapoor Chopra


    "Yoga? should be an easy bet"- these were my golden words before I joined Anubha's classes a little over a month ago. Call it my over confidence or simply ignorance but I never knew her workouts would be that deadly.. "I can't cope up with this", "100 sets of suryanamaskar? kiddin me?", "my body is dead"..week 1 at Anubha's classes and almost everyday I would utter one of the above statements. In just over a month, I've seen my body transform in more ways than one. Her workouts have not only kick started the process of weight loss but has helped me work on my stamina and energy levels. I can finally fit into some of my old pair of denims..YIPPIEEEE is what I feel everytime I slip into an old outfit!!! And I'm even more motivated to ensure that I reach my set goals. Her workouts are not only engaging but also equally challenging. What seemed like an impossible ordeal now feels like a challenge that I strive to overcome every week. She motivates each and everyone of us to push one's limits and not give up. Kudos to her and cheers to killer workouts week after week.. P.S- Have to thank Kaushambi for telling me about Anubha's classes!!! "

    - Nandita Singh Kanwar


    "Anubha - THE Perfect trainer. Super positive attitude, gud motivator, yoga expert with superduper smile is what defines anubha. Best part about her class is new schedule every class n she gives personal attention to her clients n constantly motivates during class by giving instructions. Has indepth knowledge on her subject. I decided to shift to Yoga only becoz of anubha as use to find yoga boring before that. "

    - Upasana Ratra


    "I have been doing Anubha's Wholistic Yoga for one year now. Slowly I became more flexible, more focused and determined. Anubha is an excellent and outstanding teacher and I respect her truly. She has taught me the toughest yoga postures i.e. Chakra asana, Taar asana,Vrikshasan etc in the easiest possible ways. This form of yoga helps in loosing weight and toning up the body. I have been to the gym, done dance classes, gone for jogging and many other forms of exercises in the past, but the best has been the Wholistic Yoga. This balances and engraves positivity to your body and mind. My journey with Anubha has been the best and will be in the future too. :) "

    - Meher Munjal


    "I blessed to have known her. The best thing about her is that she is very approachable and passionate. She gets one going and pushes to stretch more until one gets flexibility. She is my hope to help me reduce all the baby weight which I have gained in past one year. One of the best yoga trainer I have known. "

    - Kavita Arora Lamba


    "My journey with Anubha started a little more than 2 years back. I was 15kgs overweight after the birth of my son, and my main aim in life was to get back in shape. I joined Anubha thinking that yoga would be the perfect start for my long journey, an easy beginning for a few months, to be followed by other strenuous weight loss measures. How wrong was I! Two years on, am still here. Anubha's yoga has become a part of my life. It defines who and what I am now. Everyone in my life knows how important this is for me, to the extent that I finally may have found my 'passion' in life. Anubha's yoga is not boring or slow as people might associate this practice with. There are many who haven't been able to cope up after the first class because of the intensity. Infact, people who regularly go to the gym have found this much harder. However, trust me, just the first week is difficult and then you will get addicted. And the best part is that she maintains a balance, mixes up tough classes with relaxing, stretching, breathing ones. The tangible benefits are for all to see, weight loss, flexibility, glow, better health, however the best gifts of this are the intangible benefits; clarity, calmness, positivity :). And ofcourse through this journey, I've come to meet some wonderful people :), who I really treasure. I would really recommend everyone to come and try this and feel the positive effects for themselves."

    - Kaushambi Nag


    "Just one word AWESUM ... Have been doing yoga for a while, but the way Anubha streches your limits .. its just too good .. and she got my abs so defined, that for a moment could not recognize the guy in the mirror !! .. :) :) :). "

    - Sanjay Sharma


    "Anubha - THE Perfect trainer. Super positive attitude, gud motivator, yoga expert with superduper smile is what defines anubha. Best part about her class is new schedule every class n she gives personal attention to her clients n constantly motivates during class by giving instructions. Has indepth knowledge on her subject. I decided to shift to Yoga only becoz of anubha as use to find yoga boring before that. "

    - Upasana Ratra


    Yoga Pilates

    Yoga and Pilates module used for effective weight and inch loss to enhance the workout to challenge oneself and work on the strength stamina endurance agility and flexibility .


    A total dance fitness workout based on merengue,salsa,Cumbia, Bollywood and many other dance forms to add flavour to the dance and make you burn 600-800 kcal per hour! A total cardio workout with fun element. Once a week as part of the wholistic fitness weight loss programme.



    A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a short 16 minutes workout. A version of HIIT High-intensity interval training was based on a study that used 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes. It is a bit of CrossFit and Circuit Training. Tabata training is attractive because it saves a lot of time for people. It offers the maximum benefit with the least amount of time used to get those results.


    A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals. Boot Camp training often commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights, pushups/situps and various types of intense explosive routines. Sessions usually finish with yoga stretching.


    breathing & meditation

    Meditation is all about freedom. Meditation is the way of remembrance and restoration, process of re-centering our awareness in the principle of pure consciousness which is our essential being. Breathing, following the breath, helps focus the mind and bring you back to the present moment. Recognizing the important connection between meditation and breathing, the Buddha taught attention to the breath as a fundamental meditation technique.

    Self transformational yoga

    Yoga module based on hatha form of yoga along with breathing techniques and chants to release the physical emotional mental and pyschic body. We practice breathing techniques to detox the body and balance the hormones and glandular system. Kriyas to keep the body healthy and warm during winters and cool and calm during summers.


    corporate workshops

    Corporate employees deserve the opportunity to reduce stress and tension AND become more physically fit. It’s a busy world we live in today, with increasing demands on employers and employees alike. We work long hours, often hunched over a computer. We skip meals, keep a phone glued to our ear, and rarely leave our workspace for a break. In addition to serving the function of both body and mind, yoga is a practice that can be done with very little space, minimal equipment, and an avoidable wardrobe change in a desk-format. Wholistic Fitness customize a class to best fit the needs of your company and employees.

    kids yoga

    Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and be creative in how they reach even the most isolated child. Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement. It gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. Balancing poses teach children that with increased focus, you can increase attention naturally.


    Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

    A Yoga Alliance Certified course for teacher’s training in Transformational Yoga, A yoga module to transform the physical, mental, emotional, psychological self; A deep understanding of chakras and behavior patterns. Using Meditation techniques and mantra chanting to cleanse the chakras, deadlocked / and pent-up emotions.


    We believe in diet being an integral part of weight loss programme. We organise once in a month or two a talk with the nutritionist or dietician to give u free diets and tips.


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